The news reports accidents on a daily basis. You hear about the minor fender bender on I-95 or the multi-car pile up on the Beltway. The risk of a Virginia auto accident is very real, even if you don’t want to admit it.

Car crashes occur for many reasons from driver distractions to speeding. Even though you might be a defensive driver and operate your vehicle cautiously, it is often the other guy you have to worry about.  Just last year alone, 116,386 Virginia auto accidents were reported. While not all of those crashes resulted in injuries, over half of them did. Some even resulted in death.

The “Averages” Associated with Virginia Accidents

The Virginia Highway Safety Office has created its “2010 Virginia Traffic Crash Facts” report that among other things, discusses the averages associated with traffic collisions. Let’s take a look at some of this key information:
  • A crash occurred every 4.52 minutes
  • On average, 1 driver out of 25.94 licensed drivers was involved in an accident
  • Each day, 168 people were hurt in traffic collisions
  • On a daily basis, 2.03 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents

These averages drive home the fact that you can never be too careful when you are behind the wheel.

When All You Need is Information

If you have been hurt in a Virginia auto accident, you may have the right to compensation. Car crash cases aren’t always straightforward, especially when you throw in our state’s contributory negligence law.

To find out more about car accident claims, order a copy of the book, Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim. You might also want to speak with a Virginia auto accident attorney by calling 703.584.7277.
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