I recently had the opportunity to review two of the long-term disability policies issued to employees of the Inova healthcare system.

It is true that most employees of any corporation really don't know what their long-term disability policy says until they needed. Then, as described in my book robbery Without a Gun, they find out they should've bought an individual policy.

Inova apparently has at least two different types of policies.What is issued to "Inova Healthcare Services" employees. The second is issued to "Inova Physician Service Corporation" employees.

the first policy (Healthcare Services) is a basic although crappy group policy. It contains the general "we have discretion to determine your benefits" type language and only protects you for two years if you cannot perform the material duties of your own occupation.after that you must be unable to work it basically any job.

 The policy for the"Inova physician Service Corporation" employees is a real piece of junk (in my opinion, having reviewed hundreds of these policies). It only protects you for the first year if you cannot perform the material duties of your occupation. After that you get payments only have you can perform the material duties of just about any occupation.

Of course both of these policies also have the "Social Security offset provision". This provision makes most group disability policies just about useless because what it says is that if you are disabled enough to qualify for Social Security disability payments, the disability insurance company will subtract what Social Security is paying to you from what they owe you. Not much good coverage there.
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