Will Your Insurance Cover Your Medical Bills?

If you ride a motorcycle in Virginia, read this.Motorcycles look cool, and I can only imagine how fun they are to ride. If you do ride, however, please do one thing before you get on the bike again – check your motorcycle insurance!  

I don’t have to tell you that motorcycles can be dangerous. And even if you’re the most skilled driver ever, you can’t control other drivers on the road. And too many times, negligent drivers end up not having enough insurance to cover claims for the people they injure. 

Specifically, you should check your insurance policy to see how much under insured motorist (UIM) coverage you have. That’s the insurance that protects you if you’re injured by a negligent driver that doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your claim.

Motorcycles Injuries can be Much Worse Than Car Accident Injuries

Do your best to maximize your UIM insurance. Unfortunately, a large percentage of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury. So I’d recommend getting way more than the minimum $25,000 in coverage. After all, a single surgery or a night in the hospital can land you a bill higher than $25,000.

Sorry to be a “Debbie Downer,” but for you need to think about that.

And if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun or another county in Virginia, give BenGlassLaw a call at (703) 584-7277.  

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