I've Stood In Your Shoes Book CoverThink your attorney doesn't really know what you are going through as you make your way through litigation?

Most have never actually been the client on a case. That's what makes Toledo Ohio attorney Chuck Boyk's new book, I've Stood in Your Shoes, such a "must read."

Boyk's son was severely injured in a fall from a diving board at his community pool. The pool management had violated a number of safety rules with the diving board. Boyk tells of riveting story that many claimants will identify with:

  • an insurance company that repeatedly said 'no'
  • defense attorneys that laughed at the claim
  • "independent" doctors hired by the insurance company to minimize the alleged damages

In the end the case settled. Boyk and his legal team did a great job of not accepting the insurance company's "demand" for maximum compensation.

You can get your free copy of Toledo Ohio attorney Chuck Boyk's book here.


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