At least once a week, a potential client meets with me about their personal injury claim.  But before telling me their story, they apologize and say, “look, I’m not the kind of person that would sue…” 

I’ve got to admit, the insurance companies are great marketers.  One the one hand, they convince us to buy insurance policies (often selling us minimal coverage) with funny commercials.  But through their lobbying efforts pushing “tort reform,” they’ve convinced us that it’s almost evil to then use the very policies they sold us when we are hurt. 

Taking legal action to be compensated for your injuries is not “evil.”  It’s not “wrong.”  It’s simply using an insurance policy that you’ve paid for, likely, for many years.   

For those of you who have been lucky enough to avoid being injured due to another’s negligence, it’s easy to cast aside my thoughts as “just another attorney trying to make money.” 

But, as I often tell my clients, I simply wouldn’t have a job if insurance companies processed claims fairly, and treated plaintiff’s as people rather than numbers.  In fact, here at BenGlassLaw, we make it clear to clients that we don’t accept cases unless we feel that we can put them in a better financial position than if we weren’t involved.  That means if your case is worth $5,000, but you hire me to get you $6,000, and I take 1/3 of $6,000, it simply makes no sense to hire us.   

So if you’ve been injured in a case, take your time to meet with an attorney.  And don’t feel guilty.  You’ve been trained to feel like that.  And stand up for your own rights.   

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