Insurance companies appear so accommodating in their television commercials and radio advertisements. They make is seem as though they are there to help you and are on your side, which may be true – until you became injured.  The day you were injured in your Virginia auto accident you stepped into a war zone. 

Basically, insurance companies have declared war on injured people and their Virginia car accident attorneys.  Juries and verdicts have even been impacted by this waged war.  Insurance companies have been so successful in tainting the minds of jurors that they often don’t offer fair settlements until you show that you are more than ready and willing to go to trial.

If this concept sounds like a stretch, let me ask you this question – what was your view of auto accident lawyers and people who file personal injury lawsuits? The millions of dollars the insurance companies threw towards advertising may have unknowingly influenced you. Maybe you thought that a personal injury lawyer was a bad person and that people who file lawsuits after car accidents are trying to steal from society.  If that is how you felt, I’m sure your view changed once you were the one who became injured.

You are at war. So, make sure that you are ready for the battle.

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