How Much Should I Pay a Manassas Car Accident Lawyer?

What?! 40% of my recovery?!

Believe it or not, some Manassas car accident lawyers will quote exorbitant fees to handle even the simplest accident claims. Make sure that you understand what is a fair rate and that you are not paying too much for legal representation.

It Happened to This Guy

In wasn’t long ago that we were contacted by a man who was working with another attorney. He wasn’t happy with his lawyer. After reviewing his fee agreement, we were shocked to see that the attorney was charging 40% of the recovery. So, not only was he not getting great legal services, he was paying a premium!

Here’s what you need to understand about the majority of Manassas car accident claims – they typically do not go to trial. While you must always prepare as if trial is a real possibility, most accident cases are settled outside of the courtroom. Consequently, there is absolutely no reason why you should be expected to pay 40% to your attorney.

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