One of the common reasons medication errors occur is due to the convenience of the IV medication administration. Once an IV line is inserted, hospital staff merely have to hang a bag and plug in a tube, or inject a syringe into a line to administer fluids and medications to their patients.

While this sounds like a great help to both patient and doctor, it can also lead to oversights and negligence. It's far too simple to hang a bag of fluid and walk away without checking to reassure that it was the proper bag, proper dose, and for the proper patient.

Medical staff are trained to perform checks before administering any medication to make sure the patient is not allergic, the medication being given is the correct strength and to the correct patient, and that there are no other problems that would arise from their actions. When the medical professional is negligent in these checks, medication errors with the IV system can occur.

Medication errors done through IV are no different than errors involving medication given by mouth, single injection or any other method. No matter the delivery method, a medication error can be life-threatening if not quickly noticed and attended to. IV errors are a common occurrence in hospitals when things are hectic and staff members are not as attentive as they should be to their actions. 

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