How Does Malnutrition Occur in Virginia Nursing Homes?

Malnutrition is a widespread problem in nursing homes across the country. While it is a condition that can typically be prevented, it remains a significant threat to those living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Several years ago, a startling report was released regarding malnutrition in nursing homes.  According to the report, Malnutrition and Dehydration in Nursing Homes: Key Issues in Prevention and Treatment, 35 to 85 percent of nursing home residents suffer from malnutrition. When you consider the amount of people living in nursing homes, these figures are staggering.

Why are so many nursing home residents malnourished?

Malnutrition appears to be easy to avoid – the nursing home staff must simply ensure that residents are properly fed. Yet, the numbers show that somewhere along the line, the wellbeing of nursing home residents is ignored. There are many possible explanations as to why the number of malnourished residents is so high, including:

  • Chronic medical conditions of residents
  • Poor dental health of residents
  • Inadequate staffing of nursing home
  • No individualized care for residents
  • High rate of nursing home staff turnover

Malnutrition in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is typically not the result of an intentional act on the part of the staff. Instead, understaffing or some other related issues causes it.

When to contact a Virginia nursing home abuse attorney

Nothing is more devastating than learning your beloved family member has been hurt at the hands of his or her caregivers. If your loved one has suffered from malnutrition in a Virginia nursing home, contact our office to get your questions answered.
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