You have heard us say it many times - review your car insurance policy and buy as much uninsured motorist coverage that you can afford. One of our clients learned this lesson the hard way.

If Only They Had Higher Coverage

Earlier this year, our client was involved in a serious Virginia car accident. She and her husband were driving along the road when they were struck by another vehicle.

The other driver was an illegal immigrant who had been deported once before. He also had been convicted of drunk driving approximately a month before the car accident. To make matters even worse, he was drunk at the time of the crash.

The accident claimed the life of one person and left our client and her husband injured. To this day, her husband is still suffering from his injuries.

The Other Driver Didn’t Have Insurance

The man who hit their car lacked insurance and was driving without a driver’s license. Though, the car that he borrowed had insurance, it was minimal coverage.

Our client unfortunately did not have sufficient coverage. You should watch the video below to hear advice directly from our client. She knows firsthand what it is like to be caught off guard.

Everyone should review their policy and increase their coverage to $1 million, if possible. To learn more, be sure to order our FREE book, Guide to Buying Car Insurance in Virginia.
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