The insurance company will basically stop at nothing to either minimize or deny your injury claim.  That is why it is so crucial to be honest and upfront with your Virginia car accident attorney.

We once had a client who failed to tell us about prior car accidents because she didn’t think it mattered.  You better believe that the insurance company already knew this information and of course they told the judge.  The case was over.  If we had known about her accident history, we would have been prepared and she may not have lost $75,000.

Insurance companies have access to an extensive database that lets them know about your past accidents.  Generally, the only reason they will ask you if you have been in previous crashes is to see if you are an honest person.

It is also vital that you disclose your medical history to your lawyer.  The insurance company will examine your medical records and will find out if you have had any injuries.  As long as your attorney knows this information, he can deal with it appropriately.

When you file an insurance claim, your life becomes an open book.  Your privacy is already gone, so you better be as transparent and upfront with your lawyer as possible.

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