Most everyone in America is covered under an employer's health benefit plan. These plans typically have an appeal process if your claim for medical benefits is denied. After you appeal, you can sue if your appeal is denied.

Most plans give you at least two years to sue.

If you are covered under Walmart's health benefit plan you should know that you only have 180 days to sue if The Plan denies your claim on appeal.

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism and Walmart has denied your claim for applied behavioral analysis (ABA therapy) on the basis that "there is no coverage for ABA therapy" because the treatment was for a "learning and educational" disorder or that Walmart does not cover "educational training/testing or Behavior Modification due to nervous, mental or emotional disorders" you should know that Walmart's indendant medical advisors AND its legal team have told Walmart that denials for ABA therapy on this basis is not supported by the terms of Walmart's health benefit (insurance) plan.

The notice is only to alert you to the very, very short time frame for suing the Walmart health benefit plan (180 days) and to offer some level of assistance to families who might be fighting Walmart on this issue.

We have the documents. They were produced to us in a recent claim.

A court has recently certified a class action lawsuit against Cigna on its denial of ABA therapy under its health benefit plan.


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