Another dumb lawsuit has been filed.  This time, it involves a New York Mets’ fan.

50-year-old James Falzon is suing over injuries he allegedly sustained after he was struck by a bat during a baseball game at Shea Stadium.  The baseball fan claims that he was hit in the face and “suffered significant injuries.” 

The incident occurred three years ago when Luis Castillo swung the Rawlings bat, which broke apart and smashed into the face of Mr. Falzon.  He was sitting in the visitor’s dugout when he was struck.  Allegedly, Mr. Falzon broke his nose and eye socket and now has permanent metal plates and pins.

Luis Castillo, the Mets, Major League Baseball and the maker of the bat are all named as defendants.  However, Mr. Falzon didn’t stop there. He is also suing Ramon Castro, the player who owned the bat at the time.

Mr. Falzon told the New York Post that he was watching the ball and that the shards from the bat hit him in the face and knocked him off his chair.

While you might feel sorry for this guy after he was hit in the face with a bat, his lawsuit is still dumb.  Being struck by a bat (or a ball for that matter) is a risk of attending a baseball game.  It’s just like when you go to a hockey game there is a chance you will come face-to-face with a hockey puck. It’s the risk you take when attending a sporting event.
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