I just got finished reviewing a long term disability claim by an employee of Genworth Financial. The policy is underwritten by Liberty Mutual.

I was shocked to see a pretty big insurance company (Genworth) provide such a crappy policy to their employees. The vast majority of group long term disability policies protect you for a minimum of 24 months if you can't work in your own occupation.

This one provides only 12 months of protection.

I'll bet that most Genworth employees don't know this. They probably think they are well-protected.

They aren't (unless of course they had a choice of plans but it doesn't look like it from the plan documents I looked at today.)

Employees might want to look at the possiblity of buying a private long term disability policy for additional protection.

You might want to look at my free booklet What Everyone Should Know Before Buying a Long Term Disability Policy.





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