One of our employees was in a car accident the other day. She was sitting at a light when she was rear-ended. She was actually #1 in a chain of cars.

A GEICO insured may have reasponsiblity for the accident, though that is not entirel clear. Still, a GEICO employee has called 8 times in one day, leaving a voice message each time.

When our employee called back the GEICO adjuster demanded that she give a recorded statement or we will "close the file."

[A common and improper tactic discussed in my book.]

The GEICO adjuster also told our employee, without knowing anything about her injuries, that she will get "very little money out of the accident."

Hey GEICO, you are screwing with the wrong people. But thanks, (in a wierd sort of way) you help drive accident victims to our office every day.

Ben Glass
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GEICO. 15 minutes could cost you 15% or more...
by Scott Athen June 6, 2013 at 07:42 PM
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