I've received more frequently asked questions regarding Virginia Medical Malpractice cases and here are some specific links to a few of the choice questions and answers:

Is there a statute of limitation on a malpractice suit?  How long after a malpractice injury do you have legal claim?

Do most medical malpractice cases result in a verdict in favor of the patient?

Does a bad outcome mean that medical malpractice has occurred?

Are most medical malpractice awards subject to a cap on damages, if so, which damages are capped?

Can anything be recovered if medical malpractice causes the patient to die?

What do I have to prove in my medical malpractice case?

Is a misdiagnosis malpractice?

For a complete list of questions you might have about your MedMal case visit my Medical Malpractice Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Page . Feel free to submit your own questions and I will try to get to them!
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