The anesthesiologist is the one you may not have thought about.  You may have taken your time to research your doctor, surgeon or hospital, but the anesthesiologist? You didn’t give this medical provider a second thought.

Anesthesia is a crucial part of the surgical process. Anesthesiologists are highly trained in this medical specialty and possess the appropriate knowledge to sedate patients.  Unfortunately, as with any medical profession, mistakes happen.  The sad part is that the patients are the ones who suffer when these anesthesia errors take place.

Common Anesthesia Errors
Anesthesia problems can be caused by many different factors. As a patient or family member of someone who was hurt, it is difficult to determine what went wrong.  Below is a brief list of the possible anesthesia mistakes that could have led to your injuries:
  • Failure to monitor the patient
  • Too much or too little anesthesia was given
  • Patient was left unattended
  • Patient wasn’t assessed properly prior to surgery
  • Errors controlling gas flow occurred
  • Improper administration of oxygen

Medical Malpractice
If you believe you or your loved one was injured from an anesthesia error in Virginia, you need to order a free copy of my medical malpractice book. It explains what you need to know about Virginia medical malpractice.  The information might surprise you.

Learn more about anesthesia problems in our article, Anesthesia Complications – Know The Risks.
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