The documentation and paperwork involved in a medical malpractice claim can seem like it's never ending. To file and win a medical malpractice case it takes the work of a skilled Fairfax medical malpractice attorney and often several expert witnesses to prove your claim.

The basic formula for a successful medical malpractice claim involves the following elements: 

  • Negligence - there's no claim without being able to claim that your doctor or medical professional was negligent in their care of your condition.
  • Serious Injury - a lip injection that doesn't make you look exactly like Angelina Jolie is no grounds for a lawsuit, your injuries need to be life-altering or fatal for you to have a serious medical malpractice claim.
  • Documentation - you'll need good records of your prior health history, the event that you are claiming malpractice on, and the aftermath of the medical negligence.
  • Expert Testimony - in almost all cases of medical negligence you need another medical professional's opinion that your doctor did not act as he or she should have in the course of your care. 

These are just the basic elements of a relevant medical malpractice claim. To really assess whether you have a valid claim, you should speak with an experienced Fairfax medical malpractice attorney. Experienced attorneys with long case histories have seen hundreds of malpractice cases and can help assess whether your injuries are the result of medical negligence.

To give yourself a leg up on determining if you have a case or not, you should learn the basics of a Virginia medical malpractice claim. You can save yourself time and effort by reviewing your own situation, then contacting an attorney to find out your options. 

Contacting a Fairfax Medical Malpractice Attorney

You don't have to deal with insurance companies and hospitals alone when you're looking to file a Virginia medical malpractice case. Fairfax medical malpractice attorney Ben Glass fights to help victims in the Virginia and D.C. areas settle their medical malpractice claims.

Before you go any further with your decision, order a copy of my free guide to Virginia medical malpractice claims, Why Most Victims of Medical Malpractice Never Recover a Dime. To set up a free consultation, contact me today - 703-591-9829.

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