Fan Sues Buffalo Bills For Sending 6 Text Messages Instead of 5.


A Buffalo Bills football fan who signed to receive text messages about the team has turned around and sued the team for millions of dollars because, he claims, the team sent 6 text messages to him in a week.

I kid you not.

In fact, he says it happed TWICE.

We have the pertinent documents from the Buffalo Bills Text Messaging Lawsuit here, so you can decide but our opinion is that this is absolute nonsense.

Represented by a law firm calling itself The Consumer Rights Group, this class action lawsuit seeks millions on behalf of all of the Buffalo Bills fans who got the extra text message (twice - oh the horror.)

Imagine how much productive manpower is being wasted on this right now. Just read the briefs that we have at the link above. Hour and hours of work.

And for what?

If the "fan" didn't want all those text messages (would love to see his cell phone bill and see how many other text messages he gets a month) then all he had to to was text STOP. (It's right there in the complaint folks.)

This is bad stuff. Clogging the court system with a case where no one has suffered any real harm and where any "harm" could certainly be averted to texting STOP, of even engaging in old school technology and calling the team!

In my view - nothing but a shakedown for a couple million, most likely going to the "Consumer Rights Group."

An embarrasing moment in the law and our choice for dumb lawsuit of the month.


Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney
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