A jury awarded the family of 59-year-old Thomas Murphy, a man who died of sepsis at St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland, $1.44 million.  This medical malpractice verdict came about because the doctor failed to provide Murphy with proper care, according to the jury ruling.

Dr. Richard Tempel, two other doctors and St. Joseph, were all named in the lawsuit that was initiated in Baltimore County Circuit Court. 

The lawyer representing the Murphy family, Julia R. Arfaa, stated that Tempel performed numerous tests, which included an x-ray and CT scan.  Arfaa said that these tests showed that Murphy was suffering from sepsis.  Just one day after he was admitted to the hospital, he died.

According to Ronald Shaw, Tempel’s lawyer, the doctor believed that Murphy had some type of infection, such as pneumonia.  Tempel treated Murphy with a broad-spectrum antibiotic and admitted him to the hospital.  Shaw did say that Tempel had considered sepsis at the time, but wasn’t sure of a source.  He said that Tempel gave the appropriate treatment and that Murphy had been sick for several days before going to the hospital.

“He sees patients with a multitude of problems.  He makes an initial diagnosis and decides to send them to the hospital,” said Shaw.

St. Joseph and the other two doctors settled out of court.

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