In Virginia minimum amount of insurance that a school bus carries is $50,000. School districts can elect to carry more but many don't. In Fairfax the School Board has decided the buy the minimum.

$50,000 may seem like a lot of money but it isn't. The minimum that most people have is $100,000 but we recommend that people get at least $500,000. We've done a neat little video about buying the right car insurance here. Car insurance is generally cheap.

I don't think any parent knows this. If you child is injured in a Fairfax County school bus accident and spends 2 days in the hospital you might spend $50,000 in a big hurry. I talk about this more in a video interview I did.

"Oh, but we have health insurance." Big deal. The Supreme Court of the United States has recently ruled that if your health insurance is with a group plan provided by your employer they can repay themselves first out of your accident. In fact, in the very case the Supreme Court ruled on the injured victim ended up getting nothing out of her settlement.

Fairfax County makes sure that its employees have great insurance.

The kids? Not so great. Not even good.

Why aren't people screaming about this?

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