A Fairfax accident lawyer would advise you to follow your doctor’s orders, and notify your employer if injuries from a minor accident impair your ability to work. But you don’t need one to tell you that. If you broke a leg and you were a food runner, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be carrying plates to tables while on crutches. 

Most employers will want to see proof from a doctor that you’re supposed to take it easy while you’re on the mend. That’s where your medical records will come in handy. 

Once you’ve had a doctor look over your injuries and make whatever treatment recommendations they deem necessary, request these notes in writing on official letterhead. 

Ask your doctor to provide: 

  • a brief description of your injuries;
  • what you are doing to treat them; and
  • an estimate of how long recovery will take. 

Your “doctor’s note” should also provide information regarding whether you need to: 

  • take a complete leave of absence;
  • if you can return to restricted or light duty during recovery; or
  • if any special provisions need to be made (more frequent breaks, a special chair, etc). 

Getting your employer to cooperate with doctors’ orders may not only improve recovery, it can also relieve stress when settling your case on your own. If your employer refuses to cooperate with your health needs, you may still need a lawyer to protect your right to recovery after an accident.  

Don’t Let Life Get Complicated During Your Accident Case 

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