Recently, it seems like we keep hearing more and more people being offered lowball settlements by insurance companies within days of their Virginia car accidents.  Insurers are telling them things like, “are you going to work with us and accept this offer of $5,000 or are you going to hire a Virginia car accident attorney and pay a fee of 40 percent?”

Insurance companies are looking to hold on to more money, which is one reason why there has been such an increase in these low settlement offers.  They hope that you accept their initial offer, so that they can pay you as little as possible.  Insurers also know that if you hire an accident lawyer, chances are, you will get a higher settlement.

Here is what you need to remember about contacting a Virginia personal injury attorney after a collision – you are probably not going to be charged a fee just for having him or her look over your offer.  In fact, at my law firm, we will help anyone evaluate a settlement offer that has been made by the insurance company for free.

It is important to understand that very few attorneys charge 40 percent for a personal injury case.  Don’t let the insurance adjuster intimidate you or try to persuade you not to look into your rights.  As someone who has been injured in a car accident, you need to learn about your rights and legal options.  That is why we wrote the book, Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.  The book is free to Virginia residents.
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