If you have been injured by a doctor, be wary of repeat surgeries. Read all the forms they ask you to sign. They may be asking you to sign away your rights to file a medical malpractice claim.

In Roanoke Virginia, a female patient had difficulties following her breast augmentation surgery. The surgeon, Dr. Carol Wray, left a sponge under the implant that allegedly lead to several complications. The complications required the removal of the implant.

According to the recent opinion, Dr. Wray told the patient that the complications were not related to the sponge. A nurse at the Lewis-Gale Clinic confirmed this. She told the patient that there was no medical malpractice claim because the sponge wasn't the cause of the problems.

They repeated the surgery (on the Clinic's dollar) and the implant had the same problems and was removed. Finally, they scheduled another surgery to insert an expander to make room for a future implant.

Right before she went into the operating room for the second surgery, the patient was given release and a check for the cost of the original surgery. That release was an agreement holding the doctors not liable.

Now that's shady. I wonder if it happens a lot or if this is just an aberration. We may never know.

The latest I've seen on this medical malpractice and medical fraud case can be found here.


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I have read about Dr. Carol Wray, She is board certified. I don't understand Why people do surgery, If they are not liable for the cost of surgery.
by Breast Augmentation Toronto June 29, 2013 at 09:25 AM
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