What does fully insured really mean.You’re a smart person.  You’re financially savvy.  You’re a safe driver.  You’ve got your stuff together! And when it comes to auto insurance,  you're “fully insured.” 

Could you do me a favor?  Look at your insurance policy and see how much coverage you actually have. If you’re like most of my clients, you’ll probably be surprised at how little coverage you find.

Did you know that in Virginia, drivers are allowed to drive legally even if they don’t have insurance?  All they have to do is pay a small fee to the DMV. 

Did you also know that insurance policies are as small as $25,000.00?  That may seem like a whole lot of money, but ask someone who's had to spend the night in the hospital how much it cost. Worse yet, ask someone how much they had to pay for a surgery. 

So what can you do? It’s pretty simple – increase your insurance limits!  The difference in cost from a $25,000 policy and a $500,000 policy is not very much at all.  Think about cutting out a few Starbucks runs a month to protect your financial future.    

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