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Do state statutes of limitation apply to Federal lawsuits? So, under ERISA, would every lawsuit be filed in Federal court?

I accidentally told my LTD Company that I have an attorney that is reviewing my LTD claim.  Until now they did not know I had a lawyer.  Will this cause the insurance company to investigate my case more intensely?
About a year ago I slipped and fell at work, but my case was not diagnosed as a serious condition until six months later.  Now I am having trouble paying for my medication, getting a job (because of my condition) and keeping my job (because some days I can’t get out of bed. Would I qualify for Social Security Insurance?
I just starting receiving LTD payments, by way of my bank, and my bank is trying to take the money to pay a charged-off loan.  Is this legal?
I just found out from my disability claim reviewer that I should be receiving 60% of my pay instead of the 40% that I am currently receiving.  I am currently receiving Social Security Disability as well.  The numbers that they are quoting me don’t seem right and I am afraid that they will come after me in the future to get their money back.  What should I do?
What is the standard procedure for informing an insurance company of a retirement?  Will the fact that he is resigning/retiring have any impact on his claim?

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