You thought I was done answering Disability questions? Not while there are still so many unanswered! Here's the latest batch:

Should I be seen by my MD for reassessment of the condition to avoid potential problems from my ERISA insurer? If so, how do I approach my doctor?
If I do some work in another profession, is my claim closed? If the work is part time and temporary, what happens when I stop working? If the claim is closed, do I have to go through the whole process again? Can they cancel my policy?
A judge ruled in favor of my disability claim as a closed period and I would receive back pay for that time period, but I will not receive a monthly benefit because I went back to work and make more than $1,000.  My LTD group plan wants to recoup what they call an offset of social security in the sum of $15,000. This is basically the entire amount of the back pay. Is there any legal recourse in this matter such as filing bankruptcy?  If I don't pay it back will and can they sue for this money? Can this amount be 'settled' as insurance companies do on a regular basis?

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