The latest in my attempts to answer any and all questions you might have about disability insurance law.

A doctor who only met with me for 15 minutes checked-off "work related" on an examination form, even though my illness is in no way work related.  My disability carrier is now saying "given that the doctor checked-off 'work-related,' you may not be covered under your employer's STD policy." What should I do if I get turned-down for STD?
I was being treated by a doctor who specializes in my condition, but I recently switched to another specialist. Do I need to inform the LTD company that I have a new physician or can I wait until a new set of forms need to be filled out and then have my new doctor complete and return the forms?

I recently got a paper to fill out saying I was being reviewed. The paperwork with it says I will hear from my local office soon, but I have heard nothing so far.  Should I have heard something by now or should I be doing something to ensure that my payments continue?
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