There's a very interesting case going on that seems as if it is drawn from a popular movie. In a small town near Toledo Ohio kids are dying. Allegedly, Whirpool corporation has been dumping toxic chemicals into the land for years. Just like in the movie A Civil Action.

Now a lawsuit has been filed in Ohio.

The families have filed a lawsuit against Whirlpool, Inc. and they claim that the corporation is responsible for the cause of the Clyde Cancer Cluster. Attorney Chuck Boyk of Toledo is one of the attorneys claimingthat Whirlpool is responsible for the poisonous chemicals release into the air, which is thought to have been done either through the corporations smoke stacks, or through the dumping and vaporizing of the chemicals.

Ugly stuff.

Testing has shown very high levels of dangerous chemicals. I've seen a map of the community, marked with locations where children who have died lived.

Its awful that this could happen to one family, let alone a community.

Whirpool has denied liabiltiy and is even buying up pay per clicks ads optimized for the term Clyde Cancer Cluster.

Never seen that before.


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