Chad Johnson Thrown in Jail for 30 Days for Butt Slap

In this section of Just Ask Ben Glass guest expert James Abrenio answers a question by Kerry in Leesburg. Kerry asked about the Case of Chad Johnson aka Ocho Cinco being thrown in jail for 30 days for butt slapping his attorney after hearing the results of his plead agreement in court. The question is mainly whether or not this was an overreaction by the judge. James explained that the focus should be on what Mr. Johnson did rather than what the judge did. It is very common for athletes to butt slap each other, but it is imperative that they consider their surroundings before they do such actions. The courtroom was not the right place to display those actions. In order to be successful in the courtroom, the defendant has to show humility and respect. The lawyer could have done a better job training him how to act in front of the courtroom and it could have prevented his imprisonment. This is why choosing the right attorney is so important for your case, if you are having a hard time choosing ther right attorney, contact BenGlassLaw. 

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