Recently, a DC police officer was sentenced to jail due to his assault on a citizen.  The case arose when the DC officer claimed the citizen assaulted him in a store.  However, after survallence video of the altercation was acquired, it turned out that it was the officer who committed the assault. The officer was then prosecuted for assault.

During the officer’s sentencing, the trial judge stated:

“I don’t underestimate the stress police officers are under,”…“This wasn’t stress. You attacked this individual and then filed a false report.”

From the defense bar’s perspective, this case serves as a reminder that you cannot simply rely on police officer’s statements in defending cases.  While certainly there are fully truthful, upstanding officers compassionately carrying out their duties in accordance with the law, there are also instances where law enforcement are just as human as the rest of us.

When asked by most, “how do [I] do what I do? could [I] defend criminal?”  This story represents a big motivation – the accuse are innocent until proven guilty, and that's the way it should be.  To ignore that would be to invalidate our truly unique Constitutional System.

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