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Virginia attorney Ben Glass has been invited to speak to the Monterey California Bar Association on March 22, 2022, at noon, 3:00 p.m. east coast time. The subject will be Everything Attorneys Should Know About ERISA Disability Claims.

The one-hour talk will cover: 

  1. What is ERISA anyway?
  2. Why Does ERISA apply to a policy?
  3. What's so bad about ERISA-based long-term disability policies?
  4. The insurance company's denial toolbelt.
  5. Examples of Claim Time Lines
  6. A (somewhat) deep dive into a disability insurance policy
  7. how your car accident, worker's compensation, or employment law claim may affect your ERISA  long-term disability claim, and vice-versa.
  8. How to calculate benefits
  9. What every attendee should look for in their own disability insurance policy

Mr. Glass will be available for Q&A following the call. 

Ben Glass
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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized ERISA disability & life insurance attorney in Fairfax, VA.
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