I often get calls from clients who were only charged after several weeks of “investigation” by the police.  In many instances, during a phone call or a brief meeting in furtherance of this investigation, the clients made a seemingly innocent statements that ultimately landed them in the hot seat.  Whether or not they intended their words to be significant, law enforcement viewed them as “admissions.”  And once an admission is asserted, it becomes very difficult to defend the case in court. 

If you have been contacted by the police due to a potential criminal charge, do yourself a favor – call an attorney.  You may think that by “lawyering up,” the police may view that as a sign of guilt.  And perhaps that is so.  But the demand for an attorney is a constitutionally protected right that cannot be used against you in court.

Maybe it’s uncomfortable or perhaps you’re worried about spending money.  But, in the long run, contacting an attorney may save you both emotionally and financially in the end.

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James S. Abrenio

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