It is sometimes astonishing how little care people take in hiring an attorney. We talk about this in The Truth About Lawyer Advertising.

Now the Virginia State Bar has issued a public reprimand (actually a very mild sanction considering the scammer's history of deceit) against attorney Francis Allen Minor.

According to the Virginia State Bar's written findings, Minor teamed up with non-lawyers (who he represented to be lawyers) to scam Hispanic clients out of their money.

Clients paid hard-earned money to a group called "Latin Unity" for representation. Sometimes no one would show up in court and at other times Minor would show up and be introduced to the client for the first time on their trial date.

There doesn't appear to have ever been an organization called "Latin Unity."

The State Bar finally caught up with Minor and issued the reprimand. A mere reprimand was surprising given Minor's history of misconduct.

Here are some tips for finding the right lawyer for your case, every time:

  1. Visit the trustworthy lawyer rating sites like Avvo, SuperLawyers, and Best Lawyers In America
  2. Find a nationally board certified attorney
  3. Never hire an attorney who approaches you in person first (or sends someone to approach you first.)
  4. Look for a history of success (and if you don't see it, ask for it.)
  5. Ask the attorney for any written or recorded marketing materials in advance of your meeting.
  6. Note that some lawyer "rating" sites are fraudulent, all you need is a credit card to be an "approved lawyer." (They are listed in my free book, The Truth About Lawyer Advertising.)

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