Before you hire an attorney, meet with them in person and ask questions about their experience, specialties, and results.  Don’t be discouraged if you are unable to meet with the lawyer immediately.  The best and most-experienced lawyers often have a lot of people asking to meet with them, and the lawyers may be selective and turn away more cases than they accept.  This is a good thing!  It means the lawyers are specialized in one or two areas, and will treat the cases they do take with care.

Don’t be afraid to ask the attorneys plenty of questions.  Good lawyers are happy to answer questions, because it shows the client is at least somewhat educated about their case and finding a good lawyer.

When you meet with an attorney, you should ask the following questions:

  • How many years have you been in practice?
  • What experience do you have handling my type of case?
  • Where can I read about your track record in cases like mine?
  • What is the hardest part about my case?
  • What is the process for handling my case?
  • Who will work on my case?
  • How will you keep me informed about my case?
  • Have you published guides, articles, or books for lawyers or consumers?
  • Do you carry malpractice insurance?
  • Can I take a copy of the written fee agreement home to study? (There is no standard fee agreement)
  • If you need an injury, disability, or malpractice attorney, ask if the lawyer spends at least 90% of his time representing individuals against insurance companies in those cases

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