Right now I'm looking at yet another case where an out of state lawyer agreed to represent a Virginia medical malpractice victim. Not being familiar with Virginia's strict statutes of limitations (time to sue) for malpractice cases, this lawyer thought the time did not start to run until the patient discovered that she might be a malpractice victim. (That is the law in his jurisdiction!)

He had a pretty good case. The board of dentistry had already found against the defendant dentist but this lawyer filed the case too late. To add insult to injury, he tried to later convince his client that his only job was to try to find a Virginia lawyer. Of course, that's not what his fee agreement says. If you are contemplating filing a Virginia medical malpractice case then you need to read the Virginia Medical Malpractice Book. Its filled with a ton of useful information that can stop you from becoming a legal malpractice victim.


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by Larry Perrone November 17, 2008 at 01:47 PM
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