Richmond Attorney Joel Bieber has an interesting blog post about a lawsuit in California filed by a cheerleader who doesn't like how much she gets paid by the NFL football team she works for.

I don't know what Joel thinks about the lawsuit, his blog doesn't let on, but I think its another stupid lawsuit. In fact it ranks right up there with the Subway sandwich footlong lawsuit. (Here is my interview with one of the lawyers who filed the Subway Sandwich case.)

The cheerleader, "Lacy T." says that she is paid only $125 a game but that when you add in travel time, practice time and the like it works out to less than $5.00 per hour, so she is suing.

She says that someone has to "stand up for all the women of the NFL who work so hard..."

What a bunch of B.S. Last time I looked:

  1. This isn't North Korea, no one pointed a gun at "Lacy's" head and said "work as an NFL cheerleader."
  2. There were undoubtedly hundreds of women vying for that job and if she leaves the team will be able to fill that position in a heartbeat.

Here's the real answer to Lacy and anyone else who thinks they are underpaid:

Go get another job.

Here's an even better answer: use your celebrity status as an NFL cheerleader to build a second income. Of course, that would be real work, now, wouldn't it?

Sadly, too many people (and their lawyers) are willing to file lawsuits to shake down businesses in America.


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