We've recently written about Walmart's war on medical benefits for autism, now we've run across the Walmart "long-term disability policy." After review, we discovered a critical portion of the plan leaves Walmart employee's in a lurch if they ever find themselves disabled.Walmart's long-term disability coverage falls short of standard.

Most basic long-term disability policies offered by an employer will protect you for at least two years if cannot work in your own occupation. Not Walmart. Here's their plan (insured by Hartford)

Total disabiltiy  or totally disabled means you are prevented from performing the essential duties of your occupation or a reasonable alternative job offered to you by your employer during the elimination period and for the next 12 months.

Granted, employers have a choice what long-term disability policy they will provide their employees. And, employees have a choice to get private disability coverage to supplement their employer's coverage if their employer's coverage is weak. However, we are of the opinion that companies should disclose the short-coming of their policy to their employees. Otherwise, many employees would never know their coverage is not sufficient to cover their income if they become disabled.

Walmart should offer employees an explanation of benefits in simple terms. Without that, many will never know what little coverage they have. If Walmart decided to take the extra step, it could help many employees find better disability coverage.

Ben Glass
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