Will keeping your car door open too long subect you to a traffic ticket in Virginia?So, the Virginia General Assembly is in session. Delegates from all over Virginia race to Richmond to "do something" so that their constituents will know they "did something."

We are already been overregulated country and state with far too many laws.

Delegate Chap Peterson, from Northern Virginia, has offered up one of the sillier proposals this year,  a law to limit how long you can keep your car door open!

 Here it is:

§ 46.2-818.1. Opening and closing motor vehicle doors; penalty.

No person shall open the door of a motor vehicle on the side adjacent to moving traffic unless and until it is reasonably safe to do so. Nor shall the person keep the vehicle door open for longer than is reasonably necessary to load or unload passengers.

A violation of this section shall constitute a traffic infraction punishable by a fine of no more than $100. No demerit points shall be awarded by the Commissioner for a violation of this section.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to any law-enforcement officer, school guard, firefighter, or member of a rescue squad engaged in the performance of his duties.

Brilliant:  in a time of massive deficits, unemployment and an overloaded educational system these folks are going to spend time in Richmond arguing about and voting on  whether it should be a law that you cannot keep your car door open longer than "reasonable."

Ben's comments: We all are under a common-law duty, already, to act reasonably whenever we act. Gee, my van has a door. It slides open. Can I get a ticket if I open it too long?

This is just silly. Here is a Norfolk  columnist who agrees.


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