Not too long ago, I received word on an ongoing case in Ohio being handled by Personal Injury attorney Chuck Boyk.

The case involves a 16-year-old boy allegedly being put through borderline torturous activity by the two coaches of his high school football team.

As a father of 9 children who have all played sports through their entire scholastic lives, and a coach of many of those sports for a number of years, this particular case caught my eye.

The boy’s statement says that not only was the entire team forced to bear scorching heat in full uniform but his veteran teammates were forced to hit not only him but several other newer members of the team “as hard as they could” in a hazing ritual, among other things resulting in a severe brain injury.

My experience as both a father and a personal injury attorney has served me with the knowledge that the prevention and swift detection of concussions is absolutely critical.

In the statement, the boy says that he began vomiting, became disoriented, and collapsed.  All of which are tell-tale signs of a concussion, but an ambulance was not called.

If this is true, these coaches should be fired immediately.
They give a bad reputation to the hard-working and dedicated coaches across the country. It is going back in time to the bad old days of sports.

Ben Glass
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