12 Lawyer Directories to Avoid When Searching for an Attorney

Lawyer directories, and listings on most of them, are a dime a dozen. Actually, they’re a couple hundred dollars if you want to get a good listing on one, which is why I never consider them to be an effective way for finding a lawyer. 

Avoid Paid Lawyer Directories 

If you want to browse a lawyer directory for attorneys in Richmond, I recommend steering clear of these 12 directories: 

  • www.attorneyfind.com;
  • www.an-attorney-for-you.com;
  • www.injuryhelplineattorney.com;
  • www.legalmatch.com;
  • www.lawyerfind.com;
  • www.perfectlawyerforyou.com;
  • www.glawyers.com;
  • www.pickalawyer.com;
  • www.duirights.com;
  • www.bankruptcyhome.com;
  • www.lawyerinfo.com; and
  • www.locallawyers.com. 

Some of these sites require the listed attorneys to pay for a listing, and many do not require a significant screening process to be listed. By spending a little more, a lawyer can be identified as a “featured” or “top” attorney. So don’t put all your faith in paid lawyer directories

Instead of using these directories, you may wish to subscribe to Best Lawyers, where you’ll only find attorneys that were invited to be included on their list. The attorneys listed here were suggested and approved by peers who have already been listed. 

Is finding a lawyer becoming a pain? 

After a car accident or other incident in Richmond, you’ve got enough pains, finding a lawyer doesn’t need to be one of them. Lawyer advertising can be deceptive and confusing, so check out my free book, The Truth About Lawyer Advertising. To go over your case at my office, call Ben Glass Law at 703-584-7277.

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