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Yasemin Tanyu

  • BenGlassLaw
  • 3998 Fair Ridge Drive Ste 250 Fairfax, VA 22033
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Yasemin Tanyu has been an intern at Ben Glass Law since February 2021. Starting her sophomore year of high school at Lake Braddock Secondary School online, Yasemin had lots of time to start thinking about her future and what she wanted to do. Although her Grandpa always predicted her doing something in the field of Law since the day she was born, she had never really developed an interest in Law until signing up to take Law In Action as an elective at her school. Through Mock trials and case studies her interest grew and made her want to find an internship in the field to build more experience. 

I found Ben Glass Law from an ad on Facebook and was immediately interested. Mr. Glass seemed like a super kid-friendly person and Ben Glass Law sounded like a very amusing place to work at so I had to apply. Although I haven’t been able to meet the team in person yet, everyone has made me feel super welcome and like a real member of the firm.

Besides working at the firm and being a full-time high school student, Yasemin dances competitively at her dance studio in Burke and takes classes 5 days a week. She also has a passion for videography and constantly editing new videos of her and her friends. Yasemin is also trilingual, speaking German, Turkish, and English, and is always open to learn new skills and grow as a human being.