Olivia Adubofour

Olivia Adubofour

Disability Appeals Manager
  • BenGlassLaw
  • 3998 Fair Ridge Drive Ste 250 Fairfax, VA 22033
  • (703) 584-7277

The team at BenGlassLaw is growing, and we’re always excited to welcome new people into our family. Olivia Adubofour is on the front lines answering the phone and helping people make the best decision they possibly can. Olivia took some time out of her busy day to speak to us about her journey to BenGlassLaw. Special thanks to Olivia for letting our newsletter readers get to know her better!

I grew up in Virginia, and have lived here my whole life. I’m super family oriented because of how big my family is; three full siblings,  three half siblings, 8 nieces and nephews, 13 aunts and uncles, and over 20 cousins! The winter holiday season really is the best time of the year for me because that’s one of the only times everyone comes together.

I went to CNU Christopher Newport University and started off as a pre-med student. I quickly switched majors when I realized I had no interest in that field of study.  I started taking more social science and political courses that somehow pushed me towards the legal field, where I found I had a deep interest and fascination with the law. Changing majors turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made because it landed me here at BenGlassLaw!

In just the 2 years I’ve been here, I’ve grown so much both  professionally and personally! This place really gives me the space to explore my legal interests and pursue them while helping people every day. The disability work I do here brings me so much fulfillment. Being able to hear peoples’ stories and help them get through a challenging time in their life is the most rewarding part of this job!

Special thanks again to Olivia for taking time out of her day to let us get to know her better. If you ever call the firm, her voice is likely the first one you’ll hear!