Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson

Client Care Specialist
  • BenGlassLaw
  • 3998 Fair Ridge Drive Ste 250 Fairfax, VA 22033
  • (703) 584-7277

Emma Johnson is BenGlassLaw’s Client Care Specialist. She will be the first person you meet when you come to our office for an event or for a meeting with our attorneys. Emma started as a temp receptionist, but we were so impressed with her work ethic and compassion that we hired her for the permanent position.

Emma was born and raised in the Philippines. After school, Emma got a Bachelor of Arts in hotel and restaurant management. After college, she moved to Hong Kong to live with her aunt. “Life in Hong Kong was great, bars never closed!” She was introduced to her husband by a friend and moved with him to Virginia in 2004. They have two children who both participate in swim teams in Northern Virginia.

We asked Emma to tell us what it was like coming to work at BenGlassLaw.

“I came to BenGlassLaw as a temp employee, and the first thing I noticed was the employees, they are very welcoming and helpful. They make me feel that I was part of the team. What I like about BenGlassLaw is knowing that the person I spoke with is getting the help they need. I am the first person to answer our clients’ inquiries, and new client calls. In the short time working here, I’ve met wonderful people.”

When Emma is not helping clients at BenGlassLaw, she is an active runner. “I like to run. I was in a track and field team when I was in elementary until college. I was sprinter, so long courses were a struggle for me. But practice makes perfect as the saying goes. I have had three half marathons done this year, will make that four before the end of this year.”

We asked Emma if she wanted to include a personal quote in her biography. She replied, “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want unto you. I first heard this when I was in first grade, and I am passing it to my kids.”

We are excited to have Emma on the BenGlassLaw team, and we are excited to have our new clients meet her!