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Either you were hurt in a car accident
you have a long-term disability insurance claim. 

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Either way, your life has been disrupted.

You didn’t ask for this. It's not your fault. You’d rather things go back to where they were before.

We get it and we can help.

You thought dealing with an insurance company  would be "different" this time.

Your claim is clear. Your doctors are working to help you get better.

The adjuster seemed really nice at first. Maybe I can handle this on my own, you thought.

But the insurance company became skeptical. 

They kept asking for more information. Over and over they bugged you.

More info, more forms. How could you be hurt that bad?

They asked for things you know you've given them before.  

Everything they do to delay your claim is robbing you of time and energy that you could be using to get better.

Finally, they got back to you with their evaluation. Our medical consultant (usually a former nurse) doesn’t think you were as sick or hurt as bad as you say.

They rejected your doctors' opinions.  Your claim is going to be denied or low-balled.

You went onto the Internet looking for an experienced attorney to help with your claim.

You are in the right place.

We’d love to have a strategy call with you.

Big insurance companies should not be allowed to get away with this.

At the end of that call with one of our specialists you’ll have a definite plan, know exactly what your next step should be and whether we are the right law firm to guide you through the process.

Although this website is more about you than us, you should know that we are good at what we do, just read our reviews, and we have a ton of success stories.


BenGlassLaw will never try to convince you to hire us if we don’t believe we can add value to your case. BenGlassLaw believes in empowering through education, and if we think yours is a case you should be able to handle yourself, we'll tell you that and direct you to our self-help resources.

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How Does BenGlassLaw Evaluate Personal Injury Cases?

(If you are visiting today to learn about long-term disabilty cases, click here.)

(If you have a long-term disability denial letter in hand, head here.)

Our lawyers perform a Six-Point Assessment of your case to determine whether hiring an attorney makes sense for you.

  1. Determine Fault – Virginia is a contributory negligence state. If you are at-fault for your accident, even 1% at-fault, you cannot recover damages for your accident. Often, insurance companies use this to reject personal injury claims, even when the victim didn’t contribute to the accident.
  2. Current Injury – The worse your injury, the more it makes sense to hire a lawyer for your personal injury claims. Accident victims with serious injuries, like broken bones or torn ligaments, should consult with an attorney BEFORE making any recorded statements with the insurance company.
  3. Previous Injuries – Insurance companies love to use previous injuries as a reason to fight car accident claims. They will point to your previous injuries and claim your car accident injuries are “preexisting.” We will review with you your past medical history to see what impact your health history will have on your settlement.
  4. Treatment – Insurance companies have a ”length of treatment algorithm” that they use to determine how long you should be treating. If your medical treatment takes longer than the insurance company deems is normal, they will not give you a fair offer for your medical bills.
  5. Car Insurance – “You can’t get blood from a stone.” We have seen more good cases torpedoed by poor insurance then we can count. As most people don’t know, it is perfectly legal to drive in Virginia without car insurance. If the person who caused your accident is uninsured or underinsured, we will need to look at your policy to see if we can find coverage to pay for your damages.
  6. Your Health Insurance – Many health insurance companies will seek repayment of bills they paid on your behalf. We will make sure they don’t get more than they deserve (which is sometimes zero).

Your Personal Injury Six-Point Assessment is Free - You Don't Pay us Anything Until the Settlement!


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