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Have you been hurt in a Virginia car accident? Or has your long-term disability insurance claim been denied (anywhere in the country)? You're in the right place. The BenGlassLaw Experience is about knowing you and telling your story to a skeptical and stingy insurance company that sees you only as a claim file number.

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Your life has been disrupted. Your claim is clear. You have good doctors and they support you.

The insurance company owes you money, but they don't believe you or your doctors.

Worse, they think you are lying to them.

"You can't be hurt that bad."
"Send us more info, fill out more forms."

"Our IME doctor says you are fine."

They ask for things you know you've given them before.  

Everything they do to delay your claim is robbing you of time and energy you could be using to get better. They want to wear you down until you give up. Their goal is to beat you down, mentally, with their demands.

Then, they hit you with their evaluation:

Our medical consultant (usually a former nurse or simply a computer program) looked at your records  and doesn’t think you are as sick or hurt as bad as you sayYour doctors are either idiots or liars!

They explain but their explanation makes no sense.

What you need is a plan and a best-in-class team of legal experts that can execute on that plan. That's who we are and what we do.

We’d love to have a free strategy call with you. (Our office is located in Fairfax, Virginia if you prefer to schedule an in-person meeting). We work with people all over the country.

Big insurance companies should not be allowed to get away with this.

At the end of that call with one of our specialists you’ll have a definite plan, know exactly what your next step should be and whether we are the right law firm to guide you through the process.

BenGlassLaw will never try to talk you into hiring us. If we don’t believe we can actually put more money in your pocket than you can by handling it on your own, we will tell you so. 

If we think yours is a case you should be able to handle yourself, we'll tell you that and direct you to our self-help resources.

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