View the actual lawsuit filed against AEG.

You're not going to believe the latest lawsuit involving Michael Jackson.

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Jackson’s mother and his children, against the entertainment company, AEG. The lawsuit essentially claims that  AEG "worked Michael Jackson to death" and that the singer "just couldn't do anything but whatever AEG wanted him to do."

The suit has already been described as "unsubstantiated and meritless" and I agree.

According to a statement by the family’s attorneys, “the suit alleges that AEG put their desire for profits from the ‘This Is It Tour’ over the health and safety of Michael Jackson, ultimately causing his death.” The Michael Jackson lawsuit actually goes much further and describes a form of indentured servitude. Imagine a voluntary agreement where one part of the agreement, as alleged in the lawsuit, is that one party is going to provide "life saving equipment" (just in case!).

The news of Jackson’s death made world headlines last year, when the singer died from allegedly taking a lethal dose of medication.  His death led to involuntary manslaughter charges against his physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who was caring for Jackson at the time.  Murray pleaded not guilty. The suit alleges, incredibly, that Murray was paid $150,000 PER MONTH to be Jackson's 'concierge doctor.'

The family’s wrongful death lawsuit against AEG claims that the entertainment company did not provide Murray with lifesaving equipment before Jackson’s planned comeback tour. Jackson had supposedly requested Murray as his physician and the doctor’s $150,000 monthly fee was part of the expenses paid for by AEG Live.

AEG is, of course, arguing that it was not responsible for Jackson’s death.  In a statement released by the company, it says, “Dr. Murray was Jackson’s longtime personal physician.  AEG did not choose him, hire him or supervise him.”

Brian J. Panish, the attorney representing the Jackson family, said “the purpose of the lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all.”

Sounds to me that the truth is that Jackson was a guy who lacked the self-esteem to control his own life. He allowed others to direct him, did not himself stand for any firm principles, and died a sad death for it. He chose to not live his own life, but lived only for others.

View the actual lawsuit filed against AEG.

Interesting point of view but even celebrities can be vulnerable especially when so much money is involved. The things is that AEG was going to pay murray so he was their employee as Michael was. They shoould have made sure to provide murray with all the equpments and to make sure Michael was ok. Murray directly killed Michael intenionally or not by injecting him with anesthesia and sedatives to sleep but if his family feels there is mroe to the story they have a right to get answers.
by charlotte September 21, 2010 at 05:02 PM
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